About Me

Some Stuff About Me

Hi, I’m Cathie Tufnail.

I’m a writer, and a very close personal friend of Catelyn Delores Tarr, also a writer, and about my age too. I’ll be posting her journal entries regularly and reading about her battle with personal development with interest.

I’ve a head full of words and characters and ideas most of the time and I sometimes I write them down.

Songs, poetry, short stories, musicals, long stories, TV Series, you get the idea.

I’m a musician too. Sing, play guitar… currently learning to play the piano, very slowly.

I live on the south coast of England near the Isle of Wight. I live in a house with walls and a garden together with my husband of 20 years. He’s a bass playing, RC plane addicted, IT genius. We’ve got a 13-year-old beagle who mainly sleeps, eats anything he can when he’s awake and sometimes smells really, really bad in the bottom department.

I love the Discworld series by the genius Sir Terry Pratchett (met him and had a chat with him in a book shop in Hayling Island once) and am re-reading it through for about the fourth time. He was a genius and should have been with us for another 1000 years.

And a bit more stuff...

For the last few weeks I’ve been dedicating all the time I can to getting my mind working the way I want it to. By that I mean thinking the things I want to think, feeling the way I want to feel. Not sleepwalking through the rest of my life like I did for the first fifty years of it.

It’s fun. It’s confusing. It’s startling. It’s what got me started on this blog. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that when I write a blog post I end up sounding like a bit of a knob. No idea why. I’m hoping it’ll pass.

I currently do marketing work for money. If I was younger I ‘d probably do other things. Maybe in some other universe I did. Hope I made a mint. (For the sake of clarity, I was talking about being an actress.)

That’s enough about me.

Glad to have you on the site, hope you stick around and tell us a bit about you.

 Contact me or comment on one of the posts. 

About me, Cathie Tufnail. Shout, singing as loud as I can.
How loud?!

Photo taken sometime around the middle of last year. This is as wide as I can open my mouth and make an almost tuneful noise at the same time. Hope you can’t tell what I was saying!

About me, Cathie Tufnail. Portrait from Minnesota
Striking likeness!

The only portrait I’ve ever had done. Sat inside the Mall of America in Minnesota next to a fairground ride for about 30 minutes and this is me. Striking likeness.