Happy New Year

Happy New Year

A belated Happy New Year to one and all!

How are things going for you so far?

It’s been an interesting four weeks for me.

When I compare where I was mentally at the end of November to where I am now, it’s like I’m looking at a different person.

How did I get here?

It went like this….

Stage 1

By the end of October I’d convinced myself, as a result of reading Tony Robbins and unleashing the nutter within, that I was going to ‘get into’ internet marketing as a way of earning a massive amount of money in a short time, thus removing the money stresses that were crippling my days and then I’d be free to spend all my time writing and creating and living the hippy dream.

Internet MarketingRight then, more research, let’s get information overload on a new subject shall we? How many ‘foolproof’ methods of succeeding at internet marketing are there? THOUSANDS! It’s noise, it’s internet marketing in action. It’s terrifying.

Choose your niche, do your research, build some products, sell other people’s products, get a website, no, get a landing page, build a funnel, get subscribers, sell everything all over Facebook, get loaded!!


No YAY!!!

Choose a niche. Choose a hobby, something you love. Hmm. Not got one of them. (singing, making music and writing stuff don’t count.) Okay. Choose something you’re an expert in. Nope. Nothing. What about something relevant to you? Let’s go for ‘personal development’ then, that’s appropriate right? Now, drill down into that niche. What?

How can something that so many people are saying is easy, even giving me free step by step instructions for it’s that easy, how can I find it so hard?!!
‘I can’t do this!!’ was shouting my new found belief down so hard it was deafening.

And then Google threw up this weblink. https://nicolacairncross.com

There was something about the look and feel of the website that resonated with me and I had a good look about (the website has recently been updated, and whilst it’s super-professional, it doesn’t quite feel the same)
Anyway, I downloaded Nicola’s book ‘The Money Gym’ and her free business plan outline and nailed myself in front of my computer.

I’m pretty good at following instructions so I started ‘The Money Gym’ ¬†optimistically.The Money Gym Nicola Cairncross

It¬†became apparent immediately that I had VERY negative beliefs about money and my relationship to it. So, head down time, follow the advice in the book, change my beliefs (just don’t, there’s so much to write about the wrongness of that statement I’ll cover it in another post;) join Nicola’s mentoring scheme once I have some spare money and it’s all gravy.

Well not quite.

I faced my finances head on, I wrote down my outgoings, I identified my assets (that didn’t take long!) I set my goals, I read the business plan outline. I quickly decided on ‘affiliate marketing’ as I had no skills, no products and no business of my own.

I still had a head full of noise, I still felt panic in my throat all the time, I was full of doubt and fear and had zero confidence that I was going to succeed. But I had hope (which is not a good thing, again, more on that later!) And I had a plan!

Now, all I had to decide on was the name of my website which products to sell, who to sell them to and how to sell them. One thing at a time though.

Procrastinate a bit more and look around the web a bit more just to make sure I’m not missing anything!

Which eventually leads me to Stage 2…

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