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Welcome to Focus Act Succeed!

Focus Act Succeed is now the home of the online journal of Catelyn Delores Tarr, or Cate as she prefers to be known, it’s less of a mouthful. The journal documents her travels through the mountains and valleys of the personal development landscape. A mystery, in as much as the unfolding of a life is a mystery. A normal woman, living an uneventful life. Created by her past but lost in her present she embarks on a voyage of discovery to determine her future, and find out who she really is.

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 She yearns to discover herself, to imagine what she might become.

Always learning, always sharing what she finds with those that choose to listen, she’s in for the experience of her life. Her journal will be full of stories, anecdotes, poetry and music, as well as personal observations and experiences.

We’re excited to be sharing Cate’s adventure with you. We’re expecting an entry a week, maybe more. Who knows?

We know there’s a lot of personal development stuff out there. But this is personal development from the inside out. There probably isn’t anything else quite like it. Probably.

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Focus Act Succeed a journal of change