I am enough!

I am enough!

I am enough.

Broken glass woman with eyes closed

Try saying it. Go on, I dare you.

I’d never said it before Monday.

Now I can’t stop saying it.

That’s one of the joys of the internet. Coming across gems like this.

Okay, ignorance alert (mine, not yours!)

I’ve never come across Marisa Peer before. Probably wouldn’t have if I hadn’t picked up a link from a book I was reading. (More about that in another post)

Some say timing is everything. Some say ‘everything happens for a reason’. If that’s not enough how about ‘you find what you’re looking for.’

Quips abound!

Whatever. My brain is happy that it’s seen and heard this 42 minute talk.

I don’t think I’m stealing Marisa’s thunder by introducing the three things that she believes we all need to know about our brains.

Marisa Peer screenshot

She uses some great stories to illustrate her points. Funny, entertaining, thought provoking. One of my favourite quotes comes at 20.08…think I’m going to write a song about that boy called Sam!

If you’re busy, maybe working and can’t spare the time to watch, then just listen. The words stand alone.

And if you’re not saying to yourself ‘I AM ENOUGH’ every time it pops into your head for days afterwards then I’ll eat my hat. If I had a hat. I would eat it. Definitely.


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