Information Overload

Information Overload

Information overload

Information Overload headThere’s a fine line between lots of lovely research material and information overload.

I say this with absolute certainty. I crossed that line. About two weeks ago I now suspect.

Rather embarrassingly it took me until last night to work that out. And I had help. It’s amazing how the blindingly obvious sometimes isn’t!!

As a reaction to the black pit of despair that I’d been wallowing in for a while, I have committed 100% to this process, and time’s been a wasting.

So I have stuffed, and I mean stuffed, as much into my brain as time has allowed. Not only stuff to help me get control of my skittish consciousness.
Oh no. But that’s not been enough.

I’ve decided I’ve got to DO SOMETHING with it.

And the something that has been an ever present Sword of Damocles in my life has been money. Or rather, a compete lack of it. The never ending lurch from month to month wondering if there’ll be enough. Dreading any unforeseen expense. Working, working, working and living in sick fear of checking the bank account. How could a grown woman be afraid of money?! Don’t know, but I was/am.

So, I’d determined to find a thing to do that would make me money. And it had to be a thing I could do in my spare time…with no money!

So here’s the check list I’ve been working against:

    Change habits
    Change beliefs (find out what they are first!)
    Find out what I actually want
    Control the ‘chattering monkey’ mind
    Control my emotion responses
    Set some goals
    Act on these goals
    Decide on how I’m going to earn a second revenue stream
    Learn what I need to do to
    Do research
    Make choices and commit to process
    Start doing it

As well as carrying on with my day to day life, exchanging my time for money and all the other stuff that being a grown up involves.

Too much nurse.

So I’m cutting back to this one:
Control the ‘chattering monkey’ mind – I’ll be talking about how in my next post.

But there’s so much information out there. I’ve been gorging myself and I feel really sick.

Feeling sick

So my advice today for anyone that’s looking to change.
Avoid information overload!
Take it easy on yourself.
Don’t try and do everything at once.
Find someone to talk to (why d’you think I started this blog?!)
And find someone to do this with you if you can.


Don’t know where to start?

I loved this little book – The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz.

The advice it gives is easy to understand, easy to apply and is, I think, a pretty good place to start.

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