Poems of Love written in June 1942

Poems of Love written in June 1942

Poems of Love written in June 1942

Jim and Ann Bagley wedding day June 3rd 1942
Jim & Ann – Just married

I was sorting out drawers of stuff a week or so ago that I hadn’t looked at since we moved house back in 2006. I pulled out untouched old jewellery boxes and all my cheap tat, and some medium tat and some mystery might or might not be tat. Stuck to the bottom of my Gran’s red jewellery box, the one with turning ballerina and scary music, was an envelope. Very mysterious. Surprised to find in it were some poems that my gran (Ann Bagley) had written about and to my granddad (Jim Bagley) days after they were married and he’s gone back off to do more soldiering in the war. They’re beautiful. Poems of love written in June 1942.

They’re dated from 8th June to the 17th June (they were married on the 3rd June). So knocked out by the discovery. How had I not seen those poems before?

Just finished transcribing them so that they’re easier to read. Feel so grateful to have a sense of her as the 27 year old woman she was then, just married, waiting for the love of her life to come back from the war. Eye opening after knowing her my whole life as my lovely gran.

Just a Thought..

A Thought by Ann Bagley
A Thought

Just a thought 1942 – Ann Bagley

Don’t look for the faults as you go through life,
And even if you find them,
It is wiser and kind, to be somewhat blind,
And to look for the virtues behind them.

A Prayer in 1942

A Prayer in 1942 by Ann Bagley
A Prayer in 1942


A Prayer in 1942 – Ann Bagley

Oh to be free from a world full of worry,
Oh to be quiet with no need to hurry,
Oh for the time we can do as we please,
Oh to be home and a life full of ease.

A life without black outs and coupons and rations,
A life full of light with no need for restrictions,
A life full of love and of joys not yet known,
A life to be lived and to call just our own.

Oh to be free for the constant dread
Of bombs and air raids and monsters overhead,
Oh to go forth just as free as the air
From day to day, is our earnest prayer.

We pray for the future of this, our dear land,
This it may be prosperous, that it may be grand,
That all who live in it may be just as proud,
Of the folk in it now living under a cloud.

God bless the nations who fight for our freedom,
God bless the leaders of each mighty kingdom,
And bring us through safely, if it be thy will,
For without we’re lost, our lives are as nil.

When Ladies Meet

When Ladies Meet by Ann Bagley
When Ladies Meet written 15th June 1942

When Ladies Meet – Ann Bagley

When ladies meet, what happens then?
Ah, you can make a guess.
The talk is very often men,
Their love, their ways, their dress.

I don’t like white shirts, comments one
I like a blue or grey.
And ties of red are just not done
Apart from those too gay.

Give me a bit of khaki please,
Says one who loves a soldier.
This colour puts me quite at ease,
I feel to be in clover.

The best I know is air-force blue
The nicest of the lot.
If I see some I’ll stick like glue.
To me, I think they’re hot.

The little wren pipes up with glee,
The navy is the smartest.
You cannot beat the lads at sea
They’ll win in any contest.

Says me, I don’t mind what he wears
As long as he is free
He can wear clothes all splits and tears
As long as he loves me.

When ladies meet, what happens then?
Each tries to show the other,
That from this world of different men,
She has the finest lover.

A True Story

A True Story by Ann Bagley
A True Story – written on 8th June 1942

A True Story – Ann Bagley 

Would you like to hear a story,
Of how I met my fate?
‘twas on a Monday morning,
Just somewhere after eight.
I came from home to Rochdale,
With Margaret my friend,
Who introduced me to this male,
I didn’t know the end.
It was Christmas at that time,
Twelve months and more ago.
I asked him home to dine,
I knew he was alone.
He didn’t come the first day
Nor the second I’ll be bound,
He came the third, the lucky round,
And since, won’t stay away.
‘twas February the eleventh
He first came to our home,
‘twas a Tuesday, not the seventh,
I remember it, we were alone.
From that day on, our friendship grew,
Till by and by we found,
Our friendship turned to love, we knew,
We couldn’t play around.
We became engaged one Thursday,
And still that wouldn’t do,
So, get married we decided,
And this we planned to do.
We married on the third of June,
And happy now are we.
Thought parted, in our memory,
Our love’s forever new.
One day we’ll be together,
When this war is fought and won,
Then will we love forever,
And unhappiness be gone.
My tale of love is told,
How our two lives were blended,
And mean much more than gold.

An Acrostic

An Acrostic by Ann Bagley
An Acrostic written on 13th June 1942

An Acrostic – Ann Bagley

Just you and I
In our little nest.
Making time fly
But always with zest.
Always together
Grand will it be.
Loving forever,
You and me.


Dreaming by Ann Bagley
Dreaming written on 17th June 1942

Dreaming – Ann Bagley

Here I set just dreaming
Of you, my only love.
My thoughts and heart go roaming
To thee, my own true love.

I long to hear you whisper
Sweet things that only you
Can tell me, like a whisper,
Because I know they’re true.

I dream of happy days of yore,
Of laughter and of tears.
Of days when work was such a love
And nights were dark and drear.

I also dream of a future life,
Soon, soon may it be.
When darkness shall be turned to light
And you will be with me.

You, who I love so very well,
And long for day by day,
Darling, don’t be long until
You come my way.

My dream will end when you appear
And reality take its place.
Then shall I really live my dear
With you and God’s good grace.

June 3rd 1943

June 3rd by Ann Bagley
June 3rd 1943

June 3rd 1943 – Ann Bagley

Twelve months ago this very day
I married darling Jim
‘til then I lived another way
But since I’ve lived for him.

That other way was not so bad
And I was not unhappy,
But now I’ve known and loved this lad
My life is always happy.

Our wedding day was Tuesday
A day we’ll ne’er forget.
For all were bright and happy
And nothing we regret.

From then to now, a whole year
Has Jim grown dearer still
I’ll always love him, that is clear
From the day I said, ‘I will.’

Our life is sweet contentment,
When he is home with me
I pray the war was ended,
That we might settled be.

Please God, will guide our future
And all we ever do.
Then shall our lives be blessed
With love forever new.

My Husband Jim

My Husband Jim by Ann Bagley
My Husband Jim

My Husband Jim – Ann Bagley

My husband’s name is Jim,
I’m very fond of him,
To be with him is my desire
He always sets my heart on fire
My darling husband Jim.

My Jim is very fair,
In life, as well as hair,
He is the solace of my life
I’m very proud to be his wife
He knows how much I care.

I love my Jim so much,
I long to feel his touch,
My heart cries out for him alone,
I wish and wish that he was home
I love my Jim so much.

At night I pray for him
Please God take care of Jim,
And send him safely back to me
From land, or air, or even sea
That I may still have Jim.

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  1. What a wonderful discovery…beautiful words, intelligently written. Poetry it seems is in your bloodline. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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