Step Change Debt Management Charity Review

Step Change Debt Management Charity review

      • There are just under 65 million people in the UK¹
      • Of this number, around 12 million are children aged 15 years old or younger
      • That leaves just under 53 million adults
      • Of these adults, around 31.5 million of them are in work²
      • And of these some 915,000 people have assets of over £1 million³

I am not one of the 915 thousand.

I’m a lot better off than some. I know what ‘disposable income’ means. I did have one, but my shit-bag of a soon-to-be-ex-husband disposed of it, ran up a truck load of debts and then did a runner. Deep breath. Pretending that hasn’t happened for a minute…

I could usually cope when I was budgeting well and my salary was coming in regularly and on time. All the direct debits got paid, no-one sent me shitty letters and I got to buy the odd bottle of wine when I wanted one.
But when something happens – the car needs a new radiator say, or another credit card company rears its ugly head and tell you that you owe them fifteen grand – either that thing doesn’t get fixed, or money gets borrowed to pay for it, or another credit card gets hammered and your world gets a bit more unpleasant and that mountain of debt just keeps… on… growing…
It felt like there was no way to deal with it without going total insane.
Too many pounds owed to too many people with not enough pounds coming in = STRESS!!

I’ve never had a good relationship with money. Stress, lack, panic, worry pretty much sums up my whole financial life.

The Step Change Debt Management Charity saved me.

Focus Act Succeed StepChange logo
StepChange are a UK Based Debt Management Charity with a good reputation.

Step Change have an excellent website, comprehensive is an understatement!

I was a bit overwhelmed given my current state of mind, everything is overwhelming, but eventually I got up the courage to call them on their free phone number – 0800 138 1111.

I’d totally not filled in my budget form beforehand like I was supposed to, but the lady I spoke to was lovely. She dealt with my stammering awkwardness beautifully. I had the info to hand and we filled in the details together. I have to admit to feeling very sick when she went through it and at the end the whole naked debt was unavoidably staring me in the face.

But this was a good thing.   

I now know exactly what I owe, how much I can afford to pay off every month thus avoiding becoming destitute or being sectioned, and how long it will take to clear the debts.
There is an end in sight, a time when it will be over. No more debt.
I pay the agreed amount to Step Change and they distribute between all my creditors appropriately.
No more nasty letters!
The whole process took about an hour and everything was set up and running in about a week. I recommend them unreservedly. Don’t wait. If debt is causing you any stress at all, whatever your problems, get in touch with them now.