Who is Tony Robbins?

Who is Tony Robbins?

Who is Tony Robbins?

You’ve heard people talking about cannabis being a gateway drug?
Well, it’s maybe not the best analogy, but Tony Robbins had proved to be my gateway. Completely unbeknownst to him, he’s provided me with the lever that has allowed me to find a way into my own mind. So who is Tony Robbins?
Tony Robbins head shotIt went like this.

Here’s me, headless chicken, running around waving my arms in the air.
( Word of advice, don’t ever Google ‘personal development’ without a parachute!) In fact, I’ve just done it again to save you the trouble and it gave me 51,800,000 results. Yep, fifty one MILLION, eight hundred thousand results.
And that was just on Google, never mind the other search engines!

Where to start? How to sort the wheat from the chaff? How not to give up before you begin?
Well, rattling around in my brain was a snip of a conversation I’d had with a friend recently, computer whiz by day, a physical medium by night. So someone with a pretty open mind you’d think. Tolerant of other peoples beliefs. Well maybe, but something about the personal development arena really got his hackles up. And he especially did not like Tony Robbins.

‘Hype, hype, snake oil…it doesn’t last, why d’you think people keep going back? It’s all show, he’s some millionaire self-help guru, you can’t believe it.’

Hmmm….And this from someone that channels the spirits of dead people. Funny old world.

But it piqued my interest. I’d heard of Tony Robbins, even way back in the days before he was comfortable in his own skin and was going out there with his Sunday name, Anthony. I mean who hasn’t heard of Tony Robbins? Back to Google again.

Search for ‘Tony Robbins’ and you get 18,700,000 results.

So fairly well known in the western world then. But I’d never seen any video of him, never read any of his books, never met anyone who’d had any experience of him or his ways. Seemed like as good a place to start as any.

And as I’m discovering, ask and the universe provides. Netflix had just started promoting a new film – Tony Robbins, I am not your Guru.
But my friend said you are a Guru? Are you? Who’s right??

So it was with some trepidation (because my mind did NOT want me learning anything new) that I sat down that evening for a couple of hours with Tony.

Who is Tony Robbins? This is!Well. What a massive, giant of a man. Physically, mentally, psychically (don’t know if that’s a word).
I was totally hypnotized. And a bit shell shocked.

‘Who knows what I’m taking about? Say AYE!’

Don’t know whether I wanted to shout ‘AYE’ and throw my underwear at him or run away. Happily for all concerned, I did neither.

I watched. And I listen. And by the end, despite the cultural differences, and the bits than made my conservative English heart go ‘Hmmmm…’ at the end of the film I was occasionally whispering ‘AYE!’ in a proper northern accent and there was a tear in my eye. For myself, or the massive machine I’d just seen in action I’m not sure.

But it was enough. The following week or so I scoured YouTube (where you can watch the movie ‘Tony Robbins – I am not your Guru’ if you don’t have Netflix.) It might be in Spanish, but hey!
I listened, I watched. I did stuff. I didn’t try too hard, just listed when I was working. I downloaded The Giant Within. I did some of the exercises. I kept away from any reviews and other peoples opinions. I do not need to know what other uninformed people have to say about anything right now!

And I started to learn stuff about myself that was baffling. How did I not know this stuff before??

Now, the fact that I hit ‘the Tony Wall’ probably has more to do with what I needed than with a lack in the Tony programme. I’m not from the US of A after all. And with the best will in the world ‘because God did it‘ is never going to work for me. But it’s definitely NOT snake oil. He believes in what he’s doing 100% and has dedicated his life to pursuing what he believes. How many of us can say that? And he has, and does, change peoples lives for the better. Which is a good thing.

But…and this brings me back to the opening sentence of this piece, Tony really was my gateway. He open my mind enough that I could move forwards.
I could start to search through the 58 million entries with a purpose. To find what works for me.

And boy, did I start to see some results!

So if you’re looking for a place to start you can do a lot worse that Tony.

Happy Wednesday!

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